Last update:  March 16, 2012

The aim of this blog is very simple.
Make available  online  / share / exchange…
… practical information, advice, on peak climbing in Nepal, from 6000 to 8000 m.

First, I would like to put online  the topos existing already on my personal website (some of which are difficult to find !) by simply giving  a link and making a few comments. As emphasis will be on the English edition of this blog, this requires rewriting.  Then, I will make available online the “topos” included in the chapters of   a  book  on the Peaks of Nepal the French title of which is « Sommets du Népal », editor Glénat

A  first book and a great experience in writing
which I shared with Jean Annequin and Pascal Sombardier

During this month of March 2012,  the official starting point  of this website,  the focus will be on the peaks and paths in Mustang, I will then  proceed with the peaks of Western Nepal to boost interest for some areas that do need to be given a little  kick.

Contributors and community of interest ?
For the moment, this website is not open to external contributors. You can merely react, complete, or comment a “ topo” through the menu « post » at the end of each page.  The purpose is to gradually build up a data base in tune with the spirit of this website. This will take time…
However, starting from 2013, you will be able to put online your own contribution about a peak or a route to approach it, which you experienced  yourself,  joining photographs, text and maps.
Also, FAQs will be integrated treating  more general questions about expeditions in  Népal.

Some points about the website.

1.      no paid ads. This is not a commercial website.

2.     no anonymous contributions.  All contributions will be signed and dated.

3.     no reporting of expeditions. The main purpose of the website is sharing practical information, “topos” of expeditions.

I sincerely hope that you will find in these pages relevant information for planning your own expedition.
I wish you a safe trip … and thank you in advance for your return on information.

Paulo Grobel, March 2012
On behalf of the entire Himal-net Team

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